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10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding.

Posted on 11 Jun 2015 by in Uncategorised, Wedding | 0 comments

cards for engagement or wedding day

Blog-post-weddingOne thing I wanted to do when planning our wedding was to try and remain as laid back as possible throughout, OK so I probably didn’t always achieve this, and I’m sure friends, family and my now husband would definitely tell you otherwise, but I did try.

With this in mind and with the wonderful advantage of hindsight I began writing a list, I’m revisiting it today to add some extra tips that I hope those of you starting your wedding plans will find useful.

These are mine but please feel free to share yours!

1) One thing at a time but start big…

Write your to do list down to the small things, but pick off all the big tasks to start with to get them out the way, these are usually the ones that get booked up early on so best to just bite the bullet and get them done soon as possible. Think: venue, band, photographer and florist.

2) A little help from your friends

Calling all talented and creative people! Think about the people around you and their particular skill sets. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask them for their help instead of giving you wedding gifts. It was our talented friends and family that made our day special, for example our wedding stationery designed by Deva and the beautiful brownie favours baked to perfection by our friend Kat.

3) Get to grips with the budget

Set a budget as early on as possible and then try your best to stick to it. Yes this is easier said than done, but having an idea of what you want to spend on each item from the beginning can really help keep you on track. Write it down so you can keep yourself in check as you go.

4) Pin it

Don’t underestimate the power of the mood board, getting an idea of both your likes and dislikes early on can help you make crucial decisions about your wedding day. Get yourself acquainted with Pinterest or go old school with magazine clippings and an old scrap book. Whatever way you decide to do it, I assure you it will be well worth investing the time.

5) You’re not alone

Stop trying to do everything yourself, not always easy when you know what you want done and it’s sometimes easier to do it yourself. However try taking out a couple of the smaller tasks that others i.e.: your partner can do. Or if someone asks if they can help you will have a few things in mind that you don’t mind handing over the control of.

6) Suppliers you can trust

It’s so important to work with trust worthy suppliers, if they’ve come as a recommendation from a friend then this is a big help, but if you’re not sure ask yourself a couple of questions before you say yes; Do they have good reviews? Are they easy to get on with? Have they returned my call/ email promptly? Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of anything, most wedding suppliers are very helpful so if you find you don’t get this response then you might want to keep looking.

7) Informative Invites

Have to get this one in here 😉 nothing to do with the fact we do invites, I just think it’s a really useful tip! Get the right information out there on your invites and you will save yourself time and stress closer to the day. If your friends and family have a great invite with all the information they need on there, then they can refer to that rather than calling you. Trust me on this one it’s worth giving that information wording some good thought, it will pay off!

8) Check that list…again

Get that to do list out regularly and check off what needs to be done, get in touch with your suppliers three months and again a week or two before hand and run through all your checks. Even better print it out and stick it on your wall somewhere. You’ll not always be busy planning so it’s easy to overlook things.

9) The final countdown…

Make sure you get your close friends together and have something nice planned a day or two beforehand; A treatment or two at a spa, afternoon tea, get your nails done or go for dinner. It will take your mind off things, and if you’ve been a little wrapped up in the planning it will give you time to unwind and catch up with those closest to you.

10) Enjoy it!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ve done everything you can and if something goes wrong, it’s unlikely anyone will even notice. Savour every minute and take some time out with your new husband/wife throughout the day to sit back and enjoy all your efforts.

Happy Wedding Planning xx

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