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Introducing the JJ.

Posted on 20 Jun 2016 by in Uncategorised |

After a whirl wind 8 weeks filled with sleepless nights, tears, tantrums and smiles, I’m just starting to feel a little normal again…whatever that is! And thanks to my very supportive family and my wonderful business partner and friend Deva, the business has been in full swing still and we’ve been able to keep doing what we love.

Most importantly I’ve been able to enjoy my beautiful baby boy, Jasper Jack Cooke.

IMG_5703  IMG_5775

On the 25th April Jamie and I welcomed this gorgeous little man into the world and once again our lives have gone into a blur of nappies, endless feeds and the kind of exhaustion that makes you question what day of the week it is, or worse…’what’s my name again?’

reubs IMG_5885

This time however is slightly different, as we now have our hilariously crazy two and a half year old Reuben in the mix and our businesses to run. Life is certainly full to the brim and every second is filled with a million tasks that all need doing now! However I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to the world JJ xx