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On the 10th July a furry bundle of mischief and joy came into our lives. It was two days before we were due to go to Glastonbury, with lots to sort out but after much umming and ahhing we decided to ‘Just go and have a look at a few puppies’…

Our friend Robbie had arranged to get a puppy for his girlfriend Colleen’s Birthday and asked us if we wanted to get them from the same litter. Obviously it doesn’t take a genius to realise that when you go to look at a litter of six  7 week old cocker spaniel puppies you are likely to be taking one home. When we saw the puppies we instantly fell in love. The whole thing was meant to be top secret but somehow the cat (dog) was let out the bag at Glastonbury. Needless to say Colleen was very happy with her premature Birthday surprise. Lily (Black cocker) is our dog  and her sister, Winnie is Robbie and Coleen’s dog. We think they will be the best of friends as they get older and we already plan frequent play dates ( to tire them out for our benefit too!).LilyWhen we collected Lily on the 10 July she howled all the way home. At times in the car i looked at my boyfriend Dan and wondered if we had made a horrible mistake. During the journey Lily managed to lock her jaw round the cage (I had no idea this would lead me to a name for her alter ego). As soon as Lily came into our house she made herself right at home; chewing plaster, bringing muddy balls in from the garden, even depositing snails all round the kitchen. I soon realised Lily became ‘Jaws’ when she got too excited, biting absolutely everything in her path, like the cutest but deadliest piranha snapping away.

We soon realised that by having Lily in the studio with us as we worked at Top Table Design HQ she became our naughty little mascot. When she was sweet she would curl up around our office stairs, when she was Jaws she would make a bee line for any electrical cable in the near vicinity.


Lily is a welcome addition to the household and to the Top Table Design team, even if she can be fairly naughty at times.

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