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This was a really exciting brief as Jérôme & Dyuti had seen one of our existing designs but wanted us to expand on the product. The small but not daunting challenge was Jérôme & Dyuti were a French couple, so their stationery was all in French.


Jérôme & Dyuti loved our vinyl invite set but wanted to introduce a record sleeve, a die-cut record (to make it round instead of our existing square). A record sleeve that housed the circular record invite and a couple of smaller info sheets to fit neatly inside the sleeve.


We were able to create a template shape to print of the record sleeve with their fingerprints in red ink on the back. The record sleeve front was loosely based on Bob Dylan’s ‘The Freewheeling’ album cover, this image was adapted to include an altered photo of Jérôme & Dyuti. This was a very personal element to the design as the album meant a lot to them.  We used a small cutter to cut a semi circle out the top of the sleeve so the invite could easily be removed from the sleeve. We opted for very modern fonts and the entirety of the design was black and white apart from the vibrant heart shaped fingerprints that were in red. The ideas they brought to us were great and we were able to come up with a really unique retro invite set which they were delighted with.


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